The Firm

Rubicon Point Partners is a San Francisco-based real estate investment company that invests and manages unique office buildings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and offers creative solutions sought by companies at the forefront of innovation. We invest in in-fill communities that benefit from proximity to mass-transit, employment centers, amenities, and services.

Our goal is to be the solution of choice for our investors, tenants, and colleagues, guided by our integrity, quality, and innovation (creativity), (with a large dose of team spirit), which will ultimately define our reputation.

Our investors are our partners. We work closely with them and provide transparency, candor and accountability.

Our tenants are our clients. We empower them to succeed by providing open, creative, collaborative workspace in great locations, and services and solutions as a landlord who cares should.

Our colleagues at Rubicon Point Partners are our backbone. Entrepreneurship and teamwork are required to source the best opportunities, to execute flawlessly, and deliver on our promise.

Our experience is based on an institutional track record of former principals of Goldman Sachs, Rockwood Capital, Roland Berger, 365 Main, Inc., and the United States Treasury Department. Our real estate investment experience lies in 5 million square feet of investment, development, and management.

Rubicon Point Partners qualifies for MWOB status.

Welcome to the Rubicon.